Why aren’t we number one on Google?

Had an interesting though frustrating conversation today with a client. We have just built them a new ecommerce website using Magento. They emailed us to say they were disappointed that it didn’t come up on the first page of Google when they searched for product related terms.

I called them to discuss. I explained all the usual things that have to be considered when trying to get a new website to rank in search engines …

  • A newly registered domain name and a newly-built website takes a little while to establish credibility with the search engines
  • You need to have links from other websites to yours to show Google that your site is considered worthy by others.

I suggested that we might start by: registering webmaster accounts so that the search engines at least would know the site exists; writing news stories with links on the client’s main website and on ours; and issuing an online press release.

The client didn’t think that would be a good idea as they didn’t yet “feel ready for people to visit the site”. That kind of left me wondering how they thought it would (a) be possible and (b) be a good idea, to get the site ranking at the top of Google, (a) without any kind of promotion whatsoever and (b) without a top ranking causing people to visit the site.

Time, i think, to return to the darkened room, apply hot towel to head, and drink a large gin and tonic.